Club Vacancies
Position Club Coach
Club Bassendean Cricket Club
Contact Person Noel Seneque
Phone 0417174625
Closing Date 30 Jun 2017

Bassendean Cricket Club in the West Australian Suburban Turf Cricket Association (WASTCA) are seeking an appointment for the following position for season 2017/18 and beyond.

Job Title: Bassendean Cricket Club Senior Coach (Playing or Non-Playing)

Skills Required:

Ability to co-ordinate and manage BCC Senior Squad consisting of five teams with a strong focus on the top two sides.

Be enthusiastic and well organised.

Have the ability to communicate clearly with Players and coaching staff.

Proven cricket background.

Ability to work with coaching staff and players to perform tasks during training and 1st XI match days.  

Main Duties:

Co-ordination and management of the BCC Senior Squad on training and match days throughout the season

Provide technical coaching and support to Senior grade players where required on training and match days throughout the season

Assist 1st XI and T20 XI on match days throughout the season

Work with the Selectors and Captains to select senior teams

Liaise with Captains with regards to match day plans and roles

Help to build a positive Club culture around the players

To have a knowledge of all WASTCA rules 


Remuneration package will be negotiated relevant to the skills, ability and playing status of the successful applicant. Applications (including relevant coaching CV) should be sent via email by 30 June 2017 to Bassendean President – Noel Seneque.