Vision 2030 | FDSC and the Process

The Future Development Strategy Committee (FDSC) was formed in August 2014 to advise options for viable facilities that will underpin cricket's future in Western Australia. Headed by independent chairman Michael Smith, the Committee completed its review in August 2015 and reported to the Board on development options for the WACA Ground. The FDSC’s recommendation was based on verifiable modelling and studies on securing cricket’s future in WA.

The 14-month FDSC process included detailed financial modelling completed by top-tier accounting firm EY, WACA Ground life of asset assessments, and detailed architectural studies. The FDSC also completed in-depth market research and extensive consultation with the WACA's Members and Board, State and Federal Government, Cricket Australia, patrons and other sporting codes and stakeholders.

The FDSC was disbanded in September 2015, following the Board's announcement on Vision 2030.

Find the WACA Vision 2030 Report to Members here [PDF]

Key elements of the 14-month FDSC investigation process

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