Arena Management
Arena Turf
The WACA arena has a total of approximately 18,000 square metres in area and measures 149m in length x 139 metres wide. For all cricket fixtures the boundary rope is a minimum of three yards (2.71 metres) from the fence or nearest on-field obstacle (eg. TV cameras) for player safety.
The ground was originally planted with greenlees park couch during 1985 when the playing surface was reconstructed. Since then other couch species have crept into the outfield.
The ground is a sand profile that allows for quick water movement through the profile when raining. Under the sand profile is a herring bone drainage system that collects the water and transports it to two drainage sumps, one at either end of the ground. A 1% camber from the centre of the ground helps the water flow through to the drains.
The grass is cut daily in summer and 2-3 times a week in winter. It is cut at a length of 8mm in summer, raised to 12mm in winter to allow for more plant canopy on the surface during the colder months to protect it from excessive wear, but ensuring the ground is one of the fastest in the world during summer.
A programmed reticulation system provides bore water to water the ground, banks and practice pitch run up area. Both the centre and practice pitches are excluded from the bore water.
Centre Pitch Block
The centre pitch block consists of 10 pitches, covering 850 square metres, with each pitch being 3m wide x 28m long. The length of a cricket pitch once marked ready for play is 22 yards, which in metric terms is 20.12 metres.
The soil used in the pitches comes from the Waroona area, with its mineral and physical properties, types of clay and high clay percentage all contributing to the unique WACA surface. This surface expands when wet, allowing the couch to survive, and contracts when compacted and dry forming a rock hard surface that cracks.
Nine pitches have the grand prix couch species, with the remaining one wintergreen couch. The grass is watered by eight sprinklers from an automatic irrigation system.
A combination of the soil and grass is required to achieve a surface that provides good rebound (bounce) that not only provides encouragement for all bowlers, but allows batsmen to play their shots all around the Ground.

Practice Pitch Area
Originally a 40 pitch area, recent development has reduced this area to 28 pitches - 16 at the northern and 12 at the southern end. This area is utilised by the Western Warriors, Scorchers, Western Fury and representative State squads. The Australian Test and one-day sides, along with visiting international teams, also use this facility when in Perth.