Enriching WACA Membership
The ability to share content across the Perth Stadium and WACA Ground will provide significant benefits for Members. This includes:
  • access to both venues
  • access to more and better games of cricket more frequently at the redeveloped WACA Ground and Perth Stadium
  • no additional cost for standard membership – apart from normal annual reviews
  • the opportunity to take tiered membership packages – more features and benefits if desired
  • a Members area of seating located on the northern side of the Perth Stadium behind the wicket – with the potential to use premium seating locations on the south side of the stadium in the future
  • dining facilities, restaurants, bars and general amenities and facilities that will meet Member expectations at both stadiums.
  • a higher number of elite-level fixtures is expected to generate further interest in WACA Membership and provide financial strength for the long-term future of cricket in WA.

Choice modelling to better understand Member needs

The WACA has commissioned String Research to undertake choice modelling for Memberships in readiness for the move to the Perth Stadium. Choice modelling uses a virtual purchasing situation to test how changes to product features will change our Members’ consumer choices and check demand on products.

The results will inform future product development by allowing us to have a greater understanding of which product/s drive uptake, which product configurations are the most appealing and the corresponding demand, price sensitivities and how these can be addressed, and sources of demand and the level of cannibalisation.

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