WACA Governance Review

The ability to schedule cricket fixtures at the new Perth Stadium and at the redeveloped WACA Ground in the future, as well as the potential co-location of the WA Football Commission, provides an opportunity to enhance the WACA’s future operations.

Key areas for consideration include the WACA:

  • becoming a venue hirer and venue operator
  • having a greater focus on membership growth and stakeholder management
  • restructuring to allow a successful transition.

Governance charter

In 2014, the WACA Board initiated a governance review that resulted in the adoption of a Governance charter in September 2015.

The review also proposed a number of structural and operational initiatives that are currently being progressed.

Member Engagement

With a commitment to engaging with its Members, the WACA conducted a survey in November 2015 to obtain views and feedback on various proposed constitutional changes. The results of the survey and a report from Steven Cole are available below:

Following consideration of these results, and to ensure we continue to inform Members, the WACA will be holding a series of forums to provide information and discuss governance issues.

The below documents provide an overview of the discussions held at previous Member forums, as well as questions and responses which were addressed for Members.

Following positive feedback from Members, a draft Constitution has been prepared for Member feedback:

Make sure you check back regularly, as updates on the governance review, including outcomes from the forums, will be made available as they come to hand.

We also welcome your feedback on any governance related issues - click here.