Perth Heat Combine With Warriors
12 February 2013  

Ryan Schurman Perth Heat's Pitching Coach and Jack Frawley one of Perth Heat's leading pitchers ran a superb baseball for cricketers session prior to Tuesday's Ryobi Cup clash with Tasmania.

Coaching coordinator Simon Bowman set up three small train on groups of six and Schurman finetuned the Warriors' fielding skills by analysing individual throwing techniques and demonstrating a pitcher's action in motion and training regimes.

Schurman set the tone by laying down the ground rules in how baseball athletes prepare themselves to throw.

"The guys warm up to throw' as opposed 'to throwing to warm-up," Schurman said.

Schurman then relayed a progressive three point sequence: incorporating power positions (scapula loading position), the flow mechanics of the throwing arm, footwork and outfield catching.

Frawley finished the three-hour long session by adding some fabulous pitcher tips using his repertoire of fast pitch, curve balls, swingers and slow pitch pitches that wowed the onlooking Warriors.

For an experienced baseball pitcher to train for a more powerful arm they will look to throw 20 reps over 20, 30 and 40 metres then increase their distance from 40metres by a couple of metres per throw, progressing distance until the fielders arm tires.

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