Leggies Spin It Up!
26 October 2005  

Young leg spinners from the Emerging Warriors program were given the opportunity to take part in a unique leg spin experience held recently at Kent Street Senior High School.

The day was the brainchild of ex WA leg spinner Bob Paulsen where by eighteen young spinners were paired off and bowled, batted, kept wickets, umpired and fielded in all positions in order to gain a thorough understanding of every aspect of the art of leg spin.

Current Umpiring Manager and former Test Umpire Ric Evans was on hand to help the players in the decision making that umpires have to consider when a leg spinner is operating while Coaching Officers Shane McDermott and Lindsay Flinn were involved with instruction on wicket keeping, batting and fielding. Working in pairs, the players bowled two overs each to another pair. All players were rotated through the field with the importance of each position being explained. A small prize was given to the best bowling and batting pairs to ensure a competitive environment.

18 players participated with 14 of the participants coming from the Emerging Warrior Program, (14 - 15 yo) two from the Under-17 squad and two from the country.

Many thanks to the above mentioned people as well as Dave Tomlin, Mike Danbridge and Ron Dalton from Kent Street and special thanks to Bob Paulsen for putting the whole idea into practice. Thanks also to the players who approached the day with great enthusiasm, ensuring the day's success.

For more information on the day, please feel free to contact Lindsay Flinn on 92657209.