SunSmart Under-14 Terry Alderman Zone Carnival Wrap
27 January 2006  

Fremantle District Cricket Club hosted the sixth Under 14 SunSmart "Terry Alderman" Zone Carnival at the picturesque Stevens Reserve last week.

The four Metropolitan Zones participated, playing against each other in a competitive environment with the players displaying some excellent cricket talent.

The carnival provides players an opportunity to compete against the best players of their age group. Good performances during this week assist in selecting the participants for the 'Capture the Warrior ' program, where the players will participate in a skill and game experience program designed to best develop them as players for the future with the assistance of WA's best specialist coaches.

The results from the three day carnival with better individual performances are listed below.

The South West Zone (players from Rockingham-Mandurah, Fremantle, Claremont-Nedlands and Melville District Cricket Clubs) won three games .The North East Zone and North West Zone won 2 games while the South East Zone failed to win any of their games.

A special thanks to the Umpires who did a great job over the three days, Parents and Families of players who assisted with the smooth running of the carnival and Fremantle District Cricket Club.


Day 1. (Monday 16th January)

Game 1.

South West 5/181 def North West 4/172

South West

M Clements 63, M Edwards 42, M Anderson 22
M Kennedy 2/41, T Saunders 1/37

North West

T Jenkins 49, R Maldenis 46no, L Smith 34no
R Maldenis 2/27, L Wansborough 1/28
Game 2

North East 5/211 def South East 5/110

North East

A Faulkner 53, H Seymour 43, S Baird 36, S Smith 34
S Baird 1/11, Dixon 1/28, S Douglas ?

South East

C Bancroft 44, J Nicholas 16
C Bancroft 1/22, J Nicholas 1/36

Day 2 (Tuesday 17th January)

Game 1. South West 4/175 def South East 5/152

South West
M Thambiayah 36, M Edwards 35, T Cusack 32
M Kennedy 3/30, T Saunders 1/38

South East
H Cartright 59, S Roberts 25, C Bancroft
S Roberts, C Brown 1/18

Game 2. North West 5/190 def North East 5/186

North West

R Maldenis 79no, N Jones 32, J Power 27
L Wansborough 3/27, H Donavan 1/23

North East

A Faulkner 109, L Waterhouse 28, H Seymour 25
M Dixon 2/31, D Waghorn 1/19

Day 3 (Wednesday 18th January)

Game 1. South West 8/169 def North East 167

South West

J Buller 33, T Cusack 24
M Kennedy 3/33, J Paris 2/20

North East

S Douglas 38, S Smith 31, L Waterhouse 22
M Dixon 4/24, D Shotton 1/22

Game 2. North West 2/103 def South East 97

North West

M Harris 58no, A Holder 33
J Casperz 3/2, M Austin 2/10, L Smith 2/13

South East

S Gaunson 23, H Cartright 16
M Stuart 1/19, C Bancroft 1/21

The Carnival was a tremendous success with some notable performances throughout. Well done to all the players that represented their zones and for their enthusiasm and energy displayed for the three days.

David Fitzgerald
WACA Coaching Officer