WACA Builds Strong Culture Through Top Club
19 November 2015  

The Western Australian Cricket Association, the WA Sports Federation, Department of Sport and Recreation and another seven of Western Australia’s largest sporting associations have been supporting sporting clubs around the State with tools to develop a strong culture.

The ‘Changing Attitudes to Alcohol through Sport’ (CAATS) project commenced in 2012 to encourage clubs to recognise, adopt and live by responsible and appropriate behaviours through successful planning.

CAATS has introduced an online planning tool called Top Club that has seen over 259 (95 metropolitan and 164 regional) clubs throughout Western Australia participate in facilitated sessions.

In addition, as part of the CAATS project, over 363 club and association representatives have attended Liquor Licence Refresher workshops.

The WACA has been part of the development and implementation of the CAATS project, which is successfully preparing clubs to develop strong values based on a strong culture.

"It’s vitally important for our clubs to be strong, inclusive and accepting environments in the community for all people to play cricket and socialise,” said WACA CEO Christina Matthews

"Cricket truly is a sport for all and if we want to continue to have cricket as Australia’s favourite sport our clubs cultures are crucial.

"With healthy cultures in our clubs we will have fantastic participation, retention of players, coaches, umpires, volunteers, community engagement throughout and solid stakeholder relationships.”

The WA Sports Federation leads the CAATS initiative, which has brought sport together for a common goal.

"Sporting clubs are the fabric of our communities and it’s become ever more important for clubs to live by their values,” said WA Sports Federation Chief Executive Officer, Rob Thompson.

"The best thing about the CAATS project is that it brings together club administration, players and officials, who are often all volunteers, and encourages positive conversations around effective planning.

"It’s testament to the Western Australian sporting community that eight of the biggest sports have come together to develop this project that assists in establishing good club culture.”

The Top Club facilitated sessions have been popular with the WA Cricket Association’s clubs, including White Knights Baldivis Cricket Club, who found the session useful in implementing good culture across all facets of the Club.

"Culture had already been established within our club in a playing sense, but what Top Club has provided is how to embed that across the rest of our club, to ensure our other functionary roles on our committee prioritise tasks that are directly aligned in building the culture and community of our club,” said President Leigh McIntosh.


With RAC’s support, the CAATS project, including Top Club, will continue to be implemented through the Wheatbelt and across Western Australia, for the rest of 2015.

Clubs that would like to be involved in the project and find out more information on how to use Top Club can contact the WACA and email Alan Singer at alan.singer@waca.com.au.