WA Women Make History At Country Carnival
7 January 2016  

Western Australia will make history on Thursday when it competes in the inaugural Women’s Australian Country Cricket Championships held in Mount Gambier.

The historic event mirrors that of the Men’s model, and is something WA’s inaugural coach Karol Guglielmana is excited to be a part of.

"It’s a similar approach to try and put a WA women’s side together for the inaugural Women’s Country Championship in Mount Gambier alongside the men, because Cricket Australia are very keen to increase women’s participation in cricket,” Guglielmana said.

Matches start on Thursday 7 January, with WA playing three double-headers in three days, in the lead up to the semi-final.

From there, the final will be played out on Monday 11 January.

The nature of the competition requires seven players be under the age of 23; an initiative that aims to encourage girls fresh out of the Academy to continue on their cricket journey.

The tournament boasts talent from Papua New Guinea, Japan, Vanuatu and Samoa, a feat which Guglielmana can only describe positively.

"To have cricket in those far regions of those countries is just brilliant, plus the exposure of these young girls to play against members from other countries is just fantastic,” Guglielmana said.

"The WACA is providing all of the support for the players to get into the competition and to get to the venue – they’ve been very supportive in that regard and very much behind this whole initiative.”

The display of international talent will be fiercely competed against by all local Aussies, but there are certainly a few standouts among the group, and the coach has given us a hint on who to keep an eye out for.

Players to watch are Kavita Pepper who smashes the ball over the countryside and is also a very quick bowler.

There’s also Samara Williams who has come up through the academy program and is a strong right-hand batter, but is also a very sharp bowler.