WA's Aboriginal Teams To Don Traditional Shirts
10 February 2016  

WA Aboriginal men's captain Michael Bailey, local Aboriginal artist Kevin Bynder and WA Aboriginal women's captain Emily Bowden

Western Australia’s Men’s and Women’s State Aboriginal teams are wearing a shirt with a traditional design for the first time at the National Indigenous Cricket Championships which are underway in Alice Springs.

The gold outfits have been designed by local Aboriginal artist Kevin Bynder, whose grandparents are from the Whadjuk tribe, whose native land is where the WACA Ground currently resides.

The black swan, known as maali in Whadjuk, features prominently on the design to symbolise the gathering point of the state’s National Indigenous Cricket Championships squads.

WA’s squads feature players from all across the state, with the two lines at the top and bottom of the shirt symbolising the male and female pathways to the gathering point.

Bynder said: "The black swan holds significance by itself it given its relationship with the area, while the pathways symbolise the journeys the players have gone on, from as far and wide as the North to the South-West.

"The pathways come together and meet in the middle of traditional Whadjuk land.”

WA are back-to-back champions in the Men’s division. The 2016 National Indigenous Cricket Championships runs from 8-15 February.

You can follow the NICC here