WACA, Healthway Launch ATA Club Program
10 November 2016  

The Western Australian Cricket Association has today further extended its efforts to promote a healthy culture in cricket with the launch of the Alcohol.Think Again Club Program.

The Alcohol.Think Again Club Program, managed by the WACA in conjunction with platinum partner Healthway, aims to help clubs develop a healthy culture by providing incentives to improve the health and wellbeing of members and supporters.

The initiative aims to educate and inform clubs of responsible practices around alcohol, encouraging the enactment of individual charters and acceptable behaviours around the service, promotion and consumption of alcohol, while giving clubs flexibility to determine how such a charter would be implemented within their specific environments.

The program will initially be rolled out across those country cricket clubs with bars on their premises, before expanding to all country clubs next year.

Clubs will be rewarded for implementing elements of the program, with incentives valued up to $750, plus $250 for elective incentives.

WACA CEO Ms Christina Matthews said: "The establishment of programs such as the Alcohol.Think Again Club Program is vital for the growth of our sport throughout Western Australia.

"We’ve seen firsthand the willingness of clubs to embrace initiatives such as this one, with all 16 metropolitan Premier Cricket Clubs having eradicated alcohol promotion and advertising, but equally understand that clubs require support through the process and that any change will not happen overnight.

"Redefining what we are willing to perceive as acceptable within our sport has been a point of pride for the WACA and WA cricket, because encouraging healthy club environments and growing our communities ensures the sustainability of cricket far into the future.”

Healthway’s Acting Executive Director, Maree De Lacey, said the initial three-year partnership with the WACA had helped to redefine a healthy cricket culture, and the aim now was to promote the Alcohol.Think Again message across regional and female cricket and to encourage country cricket clubs to create healthy environments at local community level.

"The Alcohol.Think Again Club Program aligns with the WACA’s determination to develop, not only good cricketers, but also great people, who stand as strong and healthy role models,” Ms De Lacey said.

"This program gives WA regional cricket clubs the opportunity to create healthy environments and promote healthy behaviours around alcohol.

"This will encourage more families and young people to get involved in local cricket so it’s a win for sport and health.”

Program Requirements
Clubs will be rewarded for implementing essential elements of the program below, with incentives valued up to $750:

  • Establish and promote a Club Alcohol Policy, including Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). This policy should outline: no happy hour; no using alcohol as prizes; no glamorisation of alcohol. This may be a new policy developed specifically for this program, or can be an existing policy previously in place from participation in the Healthy Club program, the Good Sports program or the Top Club program;
  • Incorporate the Club Alcohol Policy in the Club’s Player Code of Conduct;
  • Remove unhealthy branding from the Club environment (alcohol and other unhealthy branding including fast food, soft drink, gambling and confectionary)

Elective Activities
Implementing all of the following optional elements will enable the club to access an additional $250 in incentives:

  • Promote the Alcohol.Think Again health message in club communications;
  • Club Newsletter feature: Publish and article in your club newsletters regarding the Alcohol.Think Again message (article will be provided);
  • Post a minimum of three (3) Facebook or Instagram Alcohol.Think Again posts throughout the 2016-17 season;
  • Promote Alcohol.Think Again as a club sponsor on your club website; and
  • Promote Alcohol.Think Again as a club sponsor through posters.

Incentives Available to Participating Clubs
Implementing program requirements and elective activities will make available the following incentives and equipment for clubs:

  • Alcohol.Think Again Marquee;
  • Water trolley;
  • Litre Sunscreen - 6 Pack;
  • Alcohol.Think Again portable cricket scoreboard;
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol Training online.

For clubs interested in applying, please contact WACA Partnerships Account Manager Erin Corrie erin.corrie@cricket.com.au.