Christmas With The Marsh Family
24 December 2016  
Photo credit: Copyright West Australian Newspapers Limited

It will be a cause for celebration in the Marsh household this Christmas, as the family enjoys a rare gathering together.

The privilege of representing their country often comes with a demand of the Marsh men being away from home and family, with the family last together for Christmas Day four years ago.

When coupled with the previous playing demands of former state basketball captain Mel Marsh and the 24-7 news cycle requirements for broadcast journalist Rebecca Marsh, it’s easy to see why a family get-together would hold a such significance for the group.

That excitement and celebration will help balance the natural disappointment of brothers Shaun (injury) and Mitch (omission) at being overlooked for inclusion in the Boxing Day Test squad.

The family caught up with The Weekend West ahead of Christmas, with some of their comments below. Please see or The Weekend West for the full story.

Geoff Marsh

"When I look at the career of my three kids, I just hope they enjoy what they do and they do the best they can. The two boys still have a lot of cricket to go, and Melissa has gone down the family line and retired,” Geoff told The Weekend West.

"As a family, we’ve grown up in sport; it’s not anything different to us, it’s the way it’s always been.”

Shaun Marsh

"Having Austin has changed my cricket mentality a lot – I never stress about things too much anymore,” Shaun told The Weekend West.

"I come home to a smiling baby and whether I’ve had a good day or a bad day, it disappears pretty quick and you don’t think about the game away from the cricket field.

"It’s put a lot of perspective on my life.”

Mitch Marsh

"Our family has certainly been through a bit when it comes to professional cricket, but when it comes to family, it’s family,” Mitch told The Weekend West.

"No matter how many Tests they’ve both played, at the end of the day, that’s my brother and my dad and they’ll always be there for me.”