Change In Club Culture Increases Participation
20 January 2017  
(Back L-R) Narrogin Towns Cricket Club Life Member Brian Evans, player Max Evans, Captain Perrin Quartermaine, players Adrian Dobinett and Regan Blyth (front L-R) player Nick Corner and club Secretary/Treasurer Gayelle Quartermaine at Senior Country Cricket Week
Since taking the challenge to change its club’s culture, Narrogin Towns Cricket Club has seen participation and membership numbers rise.

The Alcohol.Think Again Country Club Program, managed by the WACA with support from Healthway, aims to help country clubs develop a healthy culture by providing incentives to improve the health and wellbeing of members and supporters.
Research has shown males are far more likely than females to consume alcohol in risky quantities, and those aged between 18-29 years are more likely than any other age group to consume alcohol in quantities that place them at risk of an alcohol-related injury, and of alcohol-related harm over their lifetime.
Narrogin Towns Cricket Club Secretary/Treasurer Gayelle Quartermaine said it was at the 2015 Top Club workshop that their club realised it needed to change its image.
"To attract and retain more junior players and families the club needed to change, as it was a bit of a boys’ club. Part of that change was in relation to alcohol,” Gayelle said.
"By introducing the Responsible Service of Alcohol and an Approved Manager Licence, developing and communicating a club alcohol policy and addressing alcohol use in our Code of Behaviour and player information/handbook, we have seen an increase the number of members at the Narrogin Towns Cricket Club.
"The club has always relied on the bar for fundraising, but this year we are trying some different things such as radish picking in quinoa crops, wood raffles and a Pink Stumps weekend that includes a quiz night.
"We still have a way to go, but we’re heading in the right direction.”
WACA General Manager - Game & Market Development Jo Davies said the initiative was all about educating and informing clubs of responsible alcohol practices.
"We want to assist and encourage clubs to address acceptable behaviours around the service, promotion and consumption of alcohol within a flexible framework,” Ms Davies said.
"It’s fantastic to see how recent changes to the club’s culture has seen membership increase at Narrogin Towns Cricket Club.
"I believe we can see this success across all regional cricket clubs and we’ll use Senior Country Cricket Week to help spread the message.”
To get on board the Alcohol.Think Again Country Club Program and earn your club incentives valued at up to $750, email
Alcohol.Think Again statistic reference: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2011). 2010 National Drug Strategy Household Survey report. Drug statistics series no. 25.Cat. no. PHE 145.Canberra: AIHW