Chappell Wins 2016-17 Karen Read Medal
6 April 2017  

Melville veteran Renee Chappell has won the 2016-17 Karen Read Medal at Wednesday’s awards night at the WACA Ground’s Boundary Room presented by Alcohol.Think Again.

The 33-year-old former Australian player polled three votes in the penultimate round to pip South Perth teenager Melissa Cameron by one vote.

Read was on hand to present the medal to Chappell for the best player in the WACA Female A Grade and T20 competitions, voted on a 3-2-1 basis per game.

Chappell finished with 17 votes, ahead of Cameron on 16 with Midland-Guildford’s Chloe Piparo in third on 15 votes ahead of team-mate Bhavisha Devchand (12 votes).

The Melville right-arm spinner also took out the A Grade 50 Over Champion Player and 50 Over Bowling Aggregate awards and was named captain of the Female Team of the Year.

Chappell claimed 20 wickets in the 50-over competition at the amazing average of 5.85, while she also took seven wickets in the T20 competition at 16.71, contributing 155 runs at 31.

Third-place getter Piparo took out both the A Grade 50 Over and T20 Batting Aggregate awards and was also named in the Team of the Year.

Subiaco Floreat’s Heather Graham and University’s Tansi Price shared the A Grade T20 Bowling Aggregate, with the latter named as the competition’s Champion Player.

Midland-Guildford’s Angele Gray won the Female Club Coach of the Year after leading the Swans to both flags.

Melville youngster Gorgia Platten (pictured, right alongside Rebecca West) dominated the B Grade ranks with a host of awards, including the Under-15’s Player of the Year.

Melville claimed the Female Champion Club award for the second successive season, while South Perth also took home the Female Spirit of Cricket Award again.

Former Western Fury and Melville player Amanda Williams won the Competition Umpire of the Year.

Midland-Guildford dominated the Team of the Year, with Devchand, Elizabeth Dawson and Annelies Gevers named alongside Piparo. Melville and South Perth had three members each.

Karen Read Medal voting:

1. Renee Chappell (Melville) - 17

2. Robert Jones (South Perth) – 16

3. Chloe Piparo (Midland-Guildford) – 15

4. Bhavisha Devchand (Midland-Guildford) - 12

Full list of awards

Karen Read Medal: Renee Chappell (Melville)

Female Team of the Year: Chloe Piparo (Midland-Guildford), Lizzy Alderson (Subiaco Floreat), Gorgia Platten (Melville), Heather Siegers (South Perth), Rebecca Grundy (University), Bhavisha Devchand (Midland-Guildford), Annelies Gevers (wk) (Midland-Guildford), Renee Chappell (c) (Melville), Elizabeth Dawson (Midland-Guildford), Sarah Addison (South Perth), Caroline Brough (Melville), Blair Pasco (South Perth)

A Grade 50 Over Batting Aggregate: Chloe Piparo (Midland-Guildford)

A Grade 50 Over Bowling Aggregate: Renee Chappell (Melville)

A Grade 50 Over Champion Player: Renee Chappell (Melville)

A Grade T20 Batting Aggregate: Chloe Piparo (Midland-Guildford)

A Grade T20 Bowling Aggregate: Heather Graham (Subiaco Floreat) & Tansi Price (University)

A Grade T20 Champion Player: Tansi Price (University)

Female Champion Club: Melville Cricket Club

Female Club Coach of the Year: Angele Gray (Midland-Guildford)

B Grade 40 Over Batting Aggregate: Gorgia Platten (Melville)

B Grade 40 Over Bowling Aggregate: Caroline Brough (Melville)

B Grade 40 Over Champion Player: Caroline Brough (Melville)

B Grade T20 Batting Aggregate: Gorgia Platten (Melville)

B Grade T20 Bowling Aggregate: Caroline Brough (Melville) & Blair Pasco (South Perth)

B Grade T20 Champion Player: Gorgia Platten (Melville)

U15’s Player of the Year: Gorgia Platten (Melville)

Clare Papasergio U18’s Player of the Year: Rebecca West (Melville)

U15’s Club Competition Champion Player (Spring): Millie Monaghan (Wembley)

U15’s Club Competition Champion Player (Summer): Molly Healy (South Perth)

U18’s Club Competition Champion Player: Rebecca West (Melville)

Female Spirit of Cricket Award: South Perth Cricket Club

Competition Umpire of the Year: Amanda Williams